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Kenalilah Jenis-Jenis Nyamuk

fogging nyamuk demam berdarah

Mosquito is one type of flying insects that need to be controlled, therefore we need to understand and understand what kind of mosquitoes and life cycles.

Life cycle :

BintoroPest : Fogging Pest Control

BintoroPest is one business unit engaged in pest control services. One of our services is a useful fogging service to control many mosquitoes. Use the services of Bintoro Pest because we have competent personnel in their field and have experienced eradicating mosquitoes. We will help solve the problems that plague your home, and keep the diseases that dangerous mosquitoes will cause.

BintoroPest under the holding company, PT. Bintoro Sinergi Korpora, which also oversees several business units below.

BintoroPest : A Legal Company

fogging pest control
fogging pest control

Metode Pengendalian Jasa Fogging Nyamuk

fogging pest control

In the process of controlling mosquitoes continuously and to achieve maximum results, we recommend that you apply the following methods :

There is 2 Methods we use to control the mosquito

fogging nyamuk demam berdarah
hot fogging nyamuk

Thermal Fogging / Hot Fogging

It is one of the control methods performed in outdoor area by chemical spraying process by fumigation to target area is closed gut and place of bush.

Cold Fogging

Mosquito control methods that are done by spraying chemicals that produce dew in the area is useful to control mosquitoes that are not reached by handsprayer.

Cold fogging


The drugs we use vary, depending on the client’s request or the consultant in controlling the mosquito to reduce the population. But if your consultant does not recommend the product, then we will use the mosquito repellent as needed to control the mosquito. fogging pest control. As for some active ingredients that we use are:

Our Commitment To Client

BintoroPest Is The Right Choice For Your Fogging Pest Control

The work of youth nation

BintoroPest is a company established directly by the youth of the nation so that if you use our services, indirectly you participate and improve the economy of Indonesia through SMEs. Support Indonesian SMEs and love domestic products.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

BintoroPest provides dedicated key account manager facility so you get the ultimate service with the implementation of 1 point contact system. Our key account manager will serve you with special service for the achievement of common goals.

Professional Workforce

Our workforce has been through the process of training skill, attitude, communication, and spiritual sustainable and every month they will get monthly evaluation report to maintain the quality of the company’s work to be standardized.

Free Survey and Consultation

We will send our best consultants to come to your place so that you can consult directly with them and our consultants will also determine the price we will offer you.

Working Report

As a material for reporting our performance results, the report will be reported comprehensively in accordance with the results of field conditions and the precautions to be taken to prevent pests from coming back.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is Zero Complaint to ensure that the pests that we have reduced the population, Handling Complaint means ready to receive complaints from customers 1×24 hours, and Attitude from personnel to the leadership is maintained well to the customer.

“Because your Criticism and Suggestions will help our Company to keep growing”
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