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Who are the high rollers in sports betting?

High rollers are the richest category of punters. For them actually there are no bets for 100 or 1000 $. The minimum bet for a high roller in Indonesia is 50 thousand $. There is no maximum because we have high limits on soccer - you can bet a few million. Newcomers to betting on sports would also like to earn that way with betting, they try to learn tactics, record their achievements. Is it realistic to become a high roller?

How are high rollers different from professional bookmakers?

High rollers are people who are used to risk a lot of money, while professional bettors minimize these risks in horse racing. Enjoyment is the main reason why high rollers place bets. Some of them don't even know anything about sports and therefore almost always lose and bring in a lot of income for the office.

Professionals in sports betting do not risk large sums, they are disciplined and follow the rules. They each have their own limit of what they can afford to lose. Calculation, common sense, and tactics are what professional bettors have, but not what wealthy penny-pinching bettors have.

How do BCs treat high rollers?

Most wealthy people are calculating, cunning and educated. Deceiving the upper class of society is not easy. Most high rollers understand that betting is also a business with winners and losers. A high roller, if well versed in betting, is a dangerous opponent for a bookie. High rollers are not afraid to bet on high odds, and therefore their potential winnings are several times larger compared to pro-cappers. Rich people always set serious goals for themselves, and in betting it is also fundamental for them to beat the office.

For BK, high rollers are a good opportunity to make money, but at the same time there is a risk of getting into a difficult financial situation. So Russian betting companies do not want to cooperate with the rich. But there are several European betting companies, which accept big sums betting without unnecessary questions. But there is one trick on the part of the BC - the office may not accept a bet on an event that it considers unprofitable for itself, in addition, it is impossible to allow the line to be turned upside down. A wealthy novice bookmaker is a gift for the bookmaker, but what about the professionals?

High rollers and match-fixing are bookmakers' main enemies

Wealthy high rollers are often involved in the organization of match-fixing. For such a match to take place, it is enough to involve several high rollers. Finding a rigged match is far from always possible, which is why clients make big profits. Match organizers also need high rollers to avoid information leaks.

High rollers are a terror for the bookmaker. Their financial capabilities are unlimited and their knowledge is professional. They use the best paid services for their work, can deliberately make overloads and can even bring the office to ruin. Cutting maximums does not save - a group of high rollers may have several accounts at the bank. The office cannot cancel all questionable bets. Of course, bookmakers are in contact with each other for the sake of identifying highrollers already at the registration stage.

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