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Staircase betting strategy

The meaning of the "ladder" strategy

At the first stage of the strategy the player divides the bank, for example, into five equal parts of 20%. The goal is to increase the amount of each part by at least 100%, betting on events with odds close to 1.3.

After each win the sum is put on the next bet with the same odds. If it also turns out to be winning, the bettor bets the full amount. Let's look at a working scenario for three bets with odds of 1.3:

  • 1 bet - $2,000 (winnings, total profit $2,600);
  • 2 bet - $2,600. (winnings, profit $ 3380);
  • 3 bet - $3380. (win, profit 4394 $).

For three moves increased profits by 108% of the original bet. The bettor also works with the remaining portions. The main task - to get the total profit from betting on each part. Losses cannot be avoided, but there should be more winning chains. The bettor should choose the matches carefully and attentively to stay in the plus.

Match Selection

For staircase betting, the player can combine sports - if he understands mixed martial arts, then he bets on them, if in volleyball and handball, then he works with these disciplines.

Let us allocate bets for popular disciplines with odds up to 1,35:

  • goal in a soccer match;
  • Winning of a strong tennis player;
  • Total more than 1.5 in soccer;
  • victory of a volleyball favorite;
  • Total less than 3 in soccer matches of "grassroots" teams.


We have taken apart the "staircase" betting strategy in bookmakers' offices esport parimatch. We made sure that this methodology is suitable for different disciplines. Gave examples of when you can bet successfully.


  • A large selection of bets;
  • Profit in the long term with a careful selection of matches;
  • It is possible to win by successive bets;
  • Live and pre-match markets are good.


  • if one loss happens in three bets, the bettor loses a whole part of the bank;
  • a long series of losses threatens the bank.

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